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Frequently Asked Questions

Reselling is buying something at the market price and selling it again (aka reselling) with the aim to make a profit.

It can be for a variety of reasons, the items we post tend to be ‘Limited’ or super ‘Hyped’. These products will usually be made in limited supply and the demand for the product will be high. Demand out weighs the supply, hence individuals go to 3rd party websites such as eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace to purchase the items for a premium price.

We have a dedicated team of deal scouts (staff) who continuously scour the Internet who look for the best opportunities for our members to make money. We follow a strict due diligence process in which carry out in depth market research into the product, the risk, the cost, the resell value, potential future value before we even think about presenting to our clients.

We provide the knowledge, skills and experience on products which will make you a profit. In return you pay the monthly £29.99 App membership cost. I can guarantee once you join Resell Connect, you will not be leaving. We are that good!

Items such as shoes/trainers, toys, video games, miscellaneous collectibles and more. If an item is profitable, we will be reselling it no matter what it is.

There are no risks. Our deal scouts ensure the products we provide are profitable. Majority of retailers who we purchase the products from have a 30 day return policy.

Profit will vary from month to month as different products release each month. Our releases on average will give a return on investment of 100%, often more. However, the app is what you make of it. We give you the recipe, you do the cooking.

Am I stuck in a contract?You can cancel anytime. Our monthly membership is at £18.99 and worth every penny. See the success on our Instagram @resell.connect for yourself 🙂

You can cancel it via the Resell Connect dashboard. Cancel anytime, no contract.

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