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How did it begin?

2011 - Making ends meet

While at college, I wanted to get a job but I couldn't since everywhere required some form work experience. Talk about catch 22. 


I started getting into collectibles and realised items which usually retailed at £100 were being sold for more than £250 on secondary markets

2011 - Lightbulb moment

Realising that massive increase in margins, I begun the journey of reselling similar items for identical margins, if not more. I ended up making more money than I would have in a part time job with the added benefit from working from home. Win win situation in my eyes. 

2017 - My first business venture

I started my first business venture which focused on reselling items such as sneakers, streetwear, toys collectibles and other miscellaneous items for the US market. I provided the intel, experience and provided active monitors for over 1000 paid members within the Discord platform. This is still going strong and growing. 

2020 - Resell Connect

Another lightbulb moment, this time with a good friend of mine who's another veteran reseller. We both decided to build a stand-alone iOS app so making reselling more accessible to the general public

2021 - The rebuild

With the success of our iOS app, we decided to rebuild the design language and completely reskinned the website and app. Additionally we now have a web app for members who don't have an iOS device.  

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